Kaaoksesta Kauneuteen (From Chaos To Beauty) is an audiovisual installation that combines light, sound and spoken word in a 300 sq meter loft space.  
The light pulsates as a living organism and with the captivating humming sounds, the installation is able to transport you into a deep meditative state. It is a space where your body and mind can be altered by the humming voices, unearthly sounds and vibrating colours. This installation is an ode to empathy, connectedness and to the strength a community has during a shattering change.
The installation was created by Jenni Talvikki, Jaako Hurme, Ville Tolvanen, Sakke Soini and Veli Studio. My responsibility was to create the initial concept with Sakke Soini. I wrote the spoken word and expressed those on the track with some additional humming and singing. Jaako Hurme wrapped the sound into an emotional and meditative form, whilst Ville Tolvanen was responsible for the light magic.

Kaaoksesta Kauneuteen was created as a part of '14 Huonetta' exhibition at Puistokatu 4. Puistokatu 4 is a building for science and hope providing space for research, action and events. The exhibition was held 8.-21.8.2022.